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Boston Bumper®

Series 1000

28mm / 1" wide
22mm high

Series 2000

50mm / 2" wide
25mm high

Series 2100

63mm  / 2.5" wide
15mm high 

Series 3300

73mm  / 3" wide
22mm high

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  • Environmental approach
Is protection of your assets a top priority? 
With our Boston Bumper® you protect your interior (service desks, fixtures, walls, columns, etc) from costly damages caused by shopping trolleys, cleaning equipment and foot traffic. It's one of the smartest investments you'll ever run up against!

Is the environment an integral part of your company's strategy?
We are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to our customers and their supply chain partners. Our Boston Bumper® is produced with a minimum of 80% recycled material and makes it possible for you to reduce environmental waste without sacrificing performance. The Boston Bumper® environmental claims are 3rd party certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratory).

Do you want your damage protection to enhance your corporate identity? 
Yes, you would like your damage protection to contribute to your corporate branding. Simply choose a bumper that matches your color scheme and you’re all set!
No, you prefer to keep your damage protection as minimal and unnoticeable as possible. No problem: choose the size, shape and color of the bumper that will do the trick.

Can you purchase your damage protection directly from the manufacturer?
The manufacturing process is performed by us from beginning to end. A way for us to assure superior quality, which made Boston Group the trusted name in impact protection.